No time to cook? No problem! With Jeanne Jones's Cooking from the Cupboard, there's always time for a stress-free home-cooked meal, even on your most harried weeknight! Create fabulous meals in a flash with a quick reach into your cupboard -- no more last-minute trips to the supermarket. With more than 200 mouthwatering -- and easy recipes, using ingredients you probably already have on hand, quick and delicious homemade dishes will be on your table faster than you can say "takeout!"

The two Canyon Ranch spas are rated No.1 and No.2 (they alternate positions) over and over by readers of the Conde Nast Traveler. Part of the allure are their stunning locations -- in the hills of Tucson, Arizona, and in the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts -- but one of the best parts of a visit to Canyon Ranch is the food.

Jeanne Jones developed and supervised the Canyon Ranch menu, and in Canyon Ranch Cooking, she offers everyone a chance to eat the spas' low-cal, low-fat delicious food. The recipes all have detailed nutritional breakdowns to help you plan a healthy meal with a lot of variety. Perhaps best of all are the tips and techniques to help enhance flavor without adding calories. Why does spa food taste so good when nearly all the fat has been removed? Jones reveals all the secrets -- such as adding citrus or vinegar to lift "flat" flavors; grilling over aromatic wood; marinating meat and vegetables; cooking at low temperatures for long periods to "marry" flavors; roasting rapidly for crispy crusts and tender interiors; using dried fruit for rich and creamy fat-free sauces; and much, much more. Try the Canyon Ranch Guacamole, Osso Bucco and Cheese Enchiladas; enjoy Chocolate Mint Cake and Cherry Streusel Pie. This is not a cuisine of deprivation -- the food is wonderful, and the recipes for making it easy and sensible.

This book can't give you a workout or a hike, but it does tell you how to plan your own spa weekend at home, with suggestions for exercise, relaxation, even theme parties for special Saturday night dining. The wonderful recipes and the luscious photographs are here to delight and inspire. With Canyon Ranch Cooking, the spa comes to you.

Healthy cooking has never been so quick or tasty! Choose, at a glance, what to make by how much time you have. Learn to organize your kitchen so that meal preparation will be a breeze. You'll find:

  • 200 really fast recipes-- many ready in 15 minutes
  • Supermarket shortcuts
  • The quick cook's kitchen
  • How to entertain in no time at all
  • In a Flash! tips to speed cooking even further
  • Spin Off adaptations that double the use of each recipe
  • 80 color photographs

Dietary denial is not part of the American dream! And now, thanks to internationally renowned food writer Jeanne Jones, Americans can have their cake and eat it too-- Devil's Food Cake with Fudge Frosting, that is. It's just one of more than 200 beloved comfort foods-- from Deviled Eggs and Barbecued Beef Sandwiches to Creamy Potato Salad, Stuffed Pork Chops, and Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake-- all "made over" to be significantly lower in calories, fat, and sodium without sacrificing any of the taste!

Each recipe is carefully explained with numbered steps, so there's never the possibility of losing your place mid-dish, and each one includes an at-a-glance calorie and fat savings chart as well as a complete listing of the specific nutrients-- plus lots of serving ideas, recipe variations, storage tips, and cooking hints. Sprinkled throughout you'll also find charming American recipe lore, fascinating behind-the-scenes stories of how the most popular recipes were created. And in addition to her expertly-planned party menus, there's an extensive chapter of 33 amazing dessert recipes that includes Apple Crisp, Boston Cream Pie, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Beautiful full-color photographs and quick and easy recipes bring to life the tasty international specialties--all of them low in fat and cholesterol and high in fiber. This is the ideal source book for cooks who want to eat smart but also want to eat well. Full-color photographs

This one short, essential volume tells you all the basics of nutrition, along with tips for food shopping, storage, and preparation. Entertaining to read and easy to understand, Eating Smart is the most useful nutrition guide you'll ever buy.

"Welcome to my home. If you're like me, your eating habits have improved dramatically in the last few years. Yet I'll bet that when you entertain you wind up serving your guests foods that you never make for yourself anymore because you're afraid that 'healthy' food isn't fancy or satisfying enough to server for company. Well, those days are over. In Jeanne Jones Entertains, I've put together 22 elegant and imaginative meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious. My guests have loved these menus, and I hope yours will too". Jeanne Jones.

Easy to prepare, simple to serve, perfect for making ahead--and transportable--one-dish meals are essential to any home cook's repertoire. Now Jeanne Jones's Cook It Light One-Dish Meals gives us more than 100 recipes for complete meals that won't tip any high-fat scales.

Famous Chocolate Cookie Cream Pie, Vanilla Pots de Crème, and Blueberry Cheesecake--could low-fat versions of these desserts actually taste as delicious as the originals? In Cook It Light Desserts Jeanne Jones shows you how: she "lightens" over 200 tempting dessert recipes, reducing the calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol, while preserving all of the terrific flavor.

Pasta, rice, and beans--for billions of people they are the staff of life. When eaten in combination, they form a complete protein; singly, they are a superb source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, the all-important base of the new food pyramid.

And they are economical. For all the nutritional power they contain, pasta, rice, and beans are an excellent buy, especially for families planning their meals on a budget.

In Cook It Light Pasta, Rice, and Beans, Jeanne Jones uses these complex carbohydrates, alone and in combination with vegetables, chicken, meat, and fish, to create delicious and healthful recipes low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Best known for her internationally syndicated "Cook It Light" column, where she creates healthier versions of her readers' favorite recipes, Jeanne Jones has collected two hundred of her best dishes--including soups, sauces, dishes for fish, seafood, poultry and meat, breads, desserts, beverages, and vegetarian entrées--making them lower in calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol while preserving their taste and texture.

If you want to cut down on calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium but are tired of healthy diets without flavor or variety, then try Cook It Light, a delicious assortment of recipes from Jeanne Jones's internationally syndicated column in which she transforms everyone's favorite foods into healthful dishes without any loss of taste. She works her magic on everything from Chicken Enchiladas to Chicken Jambalaya, and Rocky Road Cake to Baklava, providing nutritional information for these and more than 190 other soups, salads, beverages, entrees, and desserts.