Gluten Free Products:

Annie's Home Grown:This is the easy part: Annie's Homegrown is a good company with good people that makes good food and does good stuff.

From the beginning, Annie impressed upon us the necessity of operating responsibly by giving back to the community. Because if you don't take care of the folks who are taking care of you, everything gets ugly. And anyone who thinks an ugly planet is a healthy planet is a wackadoo.

Our motto here: Eat Responsibly. Act Responsibly.

Arrowhead Mills: From America's heartland to your heart. Arrowhead Mills has been the pioneer and leader in organic baking, mixes, grains, cereals and nut butters since 1960. Capturing the essence of the Earth with organically grown ingredients, Arrowhead Mills takes you back to the basics with the best-tasting, diverse selection of products for home baked goodness. You're Always home with Arrowhead Mills!

Bob's Red Mill: Stone Ground Whole Grain Products
"The Old Fashioned Way"

We represent one of the most unusual segments of American history. Bob's Red Mill is dedicated to the manufacturing of natural foods in the natural way. With all the sophisticated knowledge of recent times, no machinery has yet been developed that grinds grains into flour quite as well as our flint-hard quartz millstones quarried in France and used by discriminating millers since early Roman times.

Ener-G Foods: Our mission at Ener-G Foods as one of the country's foremost producers of foods for diet- restricted individuals is to provide a wide range of ready-made foods and mixes that are wholesome, nutritious, risk free and good tasting. We are constantly responding to the demand for special diets with research, innovative products, and convenience foods.

Fearn:In 1930, Dr. Fearn was the first to produce a good tasting powder from Soya, a great source of protein and essential amino acids.  Today, Soya powder remains a nutritious ingredient in many Fearn Natural Foods products, boosting their nutritional value and their flavor.  Our Rice products are made from the best quality grains, and are terrific for people with sensitivity to wheat and rye.  Our Liquid Lecithin is a great, healthful addition to foods and beverages.  Fearn Natural products are made from 100% All-Natural and Organic sources, are delicious, user-friendly, with no preservatives, additives, solvents or added sugars.

The Gluten-Free Pantry : Our selections include a wide array of delicious gluten-free and wheat-free gourmet baking mixes, prepared rolls, breads and baguettes, cookies, snacks, cakes, pasta, vitamins, convenience and prepared meals, baking supplies, "baking from scratch" ingredients, condiments, cookbooks, reference books, gluten free skin care products, gluten free recipes and much more.

Ian's: 11 million Americans suffer from food allergies. The number of children with food allergies is growing by 10% each year. Ian's great-tasting, convenient Fish Sticks, Chicken Nuggets and Aphatots are now available in our Allergen Free recipe with no wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no egg, no nut and no soy ingredients. Ian's has the only line of Allergen Free prepared frozen products made without the 6 most common allergens!

Kinnikinnick Foods is a company focused on our customers. We provide high quality food products to people with special needs. For these people, the choices are limited, often unpalatable and sometimes not available at all. We recognize that for these people the simple act of buying and preparing basic food is difficult at best. The enjoyment of 'exotic' foods, like a hamburger, a bagel, a pizza or a donut is sometimes just a fond remembrance. Some children have never tasted a donut until they try one of ours. We take great satisfaction in providing our products to those people with special dietary needs in all regions of North America. Our office receives numerous calls every week simply thanking us for helping them with their conditions and making a difference in their lives.

LaraBar: Humm Foods, the creator of LÄRABAR, firmly believes that the foundation of a healthy mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat. And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state.

Our company name comes from an ancient belief that food falls into two categories:

  • Beckoning Foods, which beckon consumption again and again, sapping the body of energy without any real health benefits, Today they're called "junk foods."

  • Humm Foods, on the other hand, resonate with energy in a whole natural state. When consumed, they cause you to feel vibrant and alive.

Mary's Gone Crackers, LLC is committed to manufacturing the best tasting wheat-free and gluten-free baked goods using the highest quality, organically grown ingredients. Mary developed the recipes for her delicious gluten-free products beginning in 1994 when both she and her son were discovered to have a gluten intolerance.

Our signature product is a delicious and unique cracker made with organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic flax seeds and organic sesame seeds. Crunchy and flavorful, they come in 5 flavors: Original, Caraway, Herb, Black Pepper, and Onion.

Our other products, which will soon to be available include: flour blend, cookies, brownies, muffins, pie crust and more! All wheat-free and gluten-free, organic and delicious.

Nana's: After months of mixing, baking and tasting, I finally perfected four cookie flavors worthy of the Nana’s Cookie Company® name.  Working on a shoestring budget, I literally loaded up my car and sold and delivered my cookies store to store.

     Today, Nana’s Cookie Company® has a state of the art bakery in sunny San Diego.  We sell our cookies to natural foods stores and individuals all across the country and internationally.  We now have 12 cookie flavors, included three cookies that have no wheat and two with no gluten.

Nature's Path: Nature's Path makes a line of flavorful, healthy cereals, breads, waffles, and bars. Most of our products are certified organic, most are made from whole grains, and all of them are delicious.

It's not easy to find gluten free products in your local food store. That's why we make a range of breakfast foods to cater to people with gluten restricted diets -- delicious certified organic breakfast cereals and all-natural waffles sold under the Nature's Path, EnviroKidz® or LifeStream® brands. These foods are made at our plants on the west coast. These facilities are not wheat-free but we do adhere to strict quality control procedures to prevent production line contamination.

Pamela's Products: Since 1988, Pamela's Products has created a new standard in wheat-free and gluten-free foods. We've combined the finest all natural ingredients for superior taste and texture.

Shabtai Gourmet Passover specialties produced by Cinderella Sweets are an exciting line of premium kosher for Passover cakes and cookies.

Based in Woodmere, NY, the Cinderella Sweets company was established by Cindy Itzkowitz who has been involved in the baking business for over 20 years. Itzkowitz has introduced a fresh new approach to Passover cake production and marketing, working with the Passover challenge that severely limits and restricts the type of baking ingredients.

Their cookies can be ordered from here.

USA Rice Federation:USA Rice Federation is the national advocate for all segments of the rice industry, conducting activities to influence government programs, developing and initiating programs to increase worldwide demand for U.S. rice, and providing other services to increase industry profitability for all industry segments.

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Whole Foods: We obtain our products locally and from all over the world, often from small, uniquely dedicated food artisans. We strive to offer the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful and naturally preserved foods. Why? Because food in its purest state—unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives—is the best tasting and most nutritious food available.

Trader Joes: Neighborhood Grocery Stores with Foods and Beverages from the Exotic to the Basic. Often called "a store of stories," we travel the culinary seas to bring our customers unique, high quality products for great value.   Learn more about our story...


PF Changs: Fresh, contemporary and consistently outstanding are the trademarks of P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Founded in 1993, P.F. Chang's is a restaurant that has been embraced by diners across the country.

The P.F. Chang's experience is a unique combination of Chinese cuisine, attentive service, wine, and tempting desserts all served in a stylish, high-energy bistro.

Ask your server for their Gluten Free menu.